Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher 7830,page 10


– blasphemy – Royal Court Theatre – 7827,p3

Diarmaid MacCulloch lecture on Cranmer at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 7827,p7

opposition in Salisbury to blasphemous show 7820,p1



Tongues,  modern claims7851 letters page continues recent correspondence

Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS)

– at Wegwijs, Netherlands 7833

– 180th Annual General Meeting, 2011 report, 7829,p4-5

TBS Open Day report by Anthony Whitehll 7823,p3

– TBS Bus Poster Campaign to Challenge ‘The Fool’ 7759




-Turkey no refuge for Syria’s terrified Christians 7852, page 1



report on hostility to Christianity 7806,p3



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