St Paul’s Cathedral – witness at St Paul’s 7833judgement at St Paul’s 7832,p6

Sabbath (Christian), Lord’s Day, Sunday

– is Sunday – EC7789, page2; EC7802, page 10


Sabbath not part of modern Church of England 7847, p7



Salisbury Conference

– 2011report, 7829,p3

Saudi Arabia – see also Persecution

Schools – see Education



Free Presbyterian Church warns against Scottish Independence 7848, p1

-witness aginst same-sex marriage in Edinburgh 7834

Devolution and the moral slide – UK wide 7759

– Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

—Stand for Truth re homosexuality 7834

— 59th School in Theolgy 7828,p5

— Statement on marriage 7822,p5

Get the foundations right says new Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Moderator 7793 page 3

– Scottish Government attack on marriage 7827,p3

Church of Scotland unashamedly in bed with sin 7824,p1 by Donald J Morrison

Good News being widely spread in Scotland, by Donald J Morrison 7823,p3

– A look at the current Scottish scene from a Christain perspective – Scottish Correspondent 7821,p5

– Church of Scotland Implodes – report on 2011 General Assembly 7820,p1

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe to consider preaching 7821,p4

Diarmaid MacCulloch lecture on Cranmer at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 7827,p7

Scott, Thomas (1747 – 1821) 7825,p.10



Sodom, New Sodom

– Christians stop shopping at Tesco re sodomite parade sponsorship 7833

– blood donors and absurdity of marriage of sodomites 7832,p3

– commonwealth ignores sodomite rights 7832,p3

sodomite Brighton cut funding to Christian care home for rejecting perverted policy 7758

One MEP speaks against civil partnerships 7759



Sookhdeo, Patrick 7832,p1

Stevens, Steve, DFC, Fighting to survive 7833

Stott, John 7825,pages6&7

Swearing – £80 fine in Barnsley 7822,p6


Christians concerned (Open Doors) 7823,03


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