Race and Racism – by Bishop Barry Shucksmith 7716, page 10

Reform (Anglican group)

– press releases – EC7831,p1 7822,p1

Reformed Presbyterian Church

deplores wickedness of Church of Scotland 7822,p5

REVELATION (The Bible, Book of Revelation)

Revelation 4:2 “I was in the spirit” 7829,p7

how to be blessed by the Book of Revelation EC7830, page 7


Bishop Michael Nazir Ali on riots 7826,p4

Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful about all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” 7826,p6

A Nation in Ruin (Editorial) 7826,p6

– see also London

Roman Catholic Church

– Rome refries fish on fridays 7833

– Roman Church is not Christian 7824,p6 and article by Richard Bennett in two parts, 7821,p10 and 7822,p10

Irish RC abuse of minors 7825,p1

Rome’s hypocritical Bible boast exposed 7821,p8

– Reaching Catholics with the Lord’s Love 7759

ROMANS, Epistle of St Paul to the,

– how to be blessed and a blessing according to the epistle to the Romans 7832,p7



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