– courage in Pakistan but confusion in Christian media 7852, page 4

persecution growing in Pak 7833

– Release condemns call to ban Bible in Pakistan 7821,p5

Blaphemy Law death for woman in Pakistan 7806,p4



Penn Free Methodist Church

– conference 2011 7829,p5



Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movement

pentecostalism tested 7847, p6

a critical note of warning 7824,p8




– Saudi Arabia – two Christians released from prison 7826,p3

– in the U.K. – surely not! – Dale McAlpine stopped preaching in Workington 7792,page5



Poland  – Challening the Polish church ecumenical compromise, by Tony Beasley 7758


-ban Bible from cafe 7829,p5


Annals of the Poor by Leigh Richmond, a lecture by JE North 7819,p8



Pope (the blasphemously so-called Vicar of Christ and Holy Father)

What kind of state are we in to allow a state visit by the pope? 7792, page 6

The Papacy is the Antichrist by Rev David Blunt 7792 page 10 and 7793,p10

Pope still not sincere about “faith alone” 7759

Pope engulfed in darkness by Leslie Price, 7758


Pornography – the pornography menace 7848, p6




– Addressing God in Prayer and Worship 7833

– Book of Common Prayer – see Liturgy

On Prayer – a letter from Greece from Rev Terry Atkinson, 7821,p7


Preaching -Open Air Preaching

The Vital Task of Open Air Preaching, by Rev Peter Simpson 7705, page 10

Belfast Pride Parade 7825, page 3

Walsingham 2009 7768, page 5



Prince of Wales – see Charles,Prince of Wales


Protestant Reformation Society (PRS)

– Conference Report 2011 7827,p6 7829,p3

– 2012 Conference details for August 2012 7847, p4


PROVERBS, Bible book of,

Biblical teachings for a godly life 7826,p7

PSALMS, Bible book of

– Psalm 139:23.24 “Search me, O God . . .” Are You Evangelical or Ecumenical? 7792 page 7



Queen , Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Diamond Jubilee Service – report – 7847, p1

– Protestant Constitution of UK under threat –  EC7831,p.1 also 7818,p1

Royal Wedding liturgy retains much of Christian truth 7818,p1

Act of Settlement “a grubby little law” Editorial 7818,p6



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