several articles in Edition 7846

– eternally ordained, the unalterable status of marriage, by Peter Murcott 7832,p10&8

Metropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeon’s) Elephant & Castle, London

– School of Theology 2011 7824,p6


traditional Roman Catholics attack Protestants EC7829,page1


Micah Challenge – assessment of this charity 7859

Milliband, Ed 7829,p6

Missionaries – 10 questions to ask your missionaries 7833

Modern Church

– Addressing God in Prayer and Worship 7833

– The Church losing her way in search for novelty by Rev J J Harding 7824,p7


– Veiled faces forbidden in Holland, cf, London 7832,p5

– Intolerance 7832,p1

a New website for Muslim evangelism 7828,p7

abuse of boys 7825,p3

deception of Andrew Gilligan, Bishop of Stepney 7825,p3

BBC2 misleading ‘Life of Muhammad’ by Dr Alan C. Clifford 7824,p7

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali back bill to curb Sharia Law in the UK 7821,p1

Wembley Stadium Halal Protest by Christian Voice 7819,p1

Penn Free Methodist Church (Bucks) asks supermarket to label Halal, 7819,p1

Osama Bin Laden death “Retribution” from God 7819,p6

Son of Hamas – review of book about a converted terrorist 7806,p8

Poppy Protest 2010 7806.p6

Dutch MP Faces Criminal Court for disliking Islam 7759

Oxford Union Debate if Islam is compatible with Western Liberalism 7759

14 year old Christian boy beheaded in Iraq 7759


Muslim – see Mohammedan

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