Cameron, David, (British Prime Minister 2010-   )

– ‘Cameron has sold out’ by Mr A Lennox 7833

– What a week! Mr Cameron attempts to overthrow marriage and the British Constitution EC7831, pages 1 and 3to5, and 6

Why our Government needs the Lord 7793, page 1

CARE – urge Govt to combat modern day slavery in UK 7833

Carey, William

– lecture on William Carey, missionary to India, by Gary Brady at Evangelical Library 7822,p2

Channel 4 (UK television channel)

liberal journalists wake up to Islam 7825,p1


Charismatic Movement/Churches [SEE ALSO Pentecostal]

Rome, Ecumenism and the Charismatic Movement by Dr DN Samuel, 7113, page 10


Charity Commission – deny status to Plymouth Brethren 7858 and 7859

Charles, Prince of Wales

Prince of Darkness 7847, p2



safeguarding 7823,p5

Bailey Review 7822,p3

– see also Education


God in China on BBC Radio 7829,p8



Christian Institute – working together with atheists and promoters of obscenity in aid of freedom of speech 7847, p1

Christian Watch

public meeting 2011 EC7831,page5

appointment of National Co-ordinator 7821,p3

Christian Warfare

–  New Era and New Challenges for the Church in the UK 7793 page 7



– Recognising the true church Rev J J Harding 7832,p6

– see also Modern Church

Church of England

– General Synod – Nov 2012 – Women Bishops Crisis EC 7859

lacks biblial order 7642,p1 and 6


Church of England (Continuing)

– 2004 conference – Dr Theodore Letis -7642.page4

Church of England (Continuing) Takes Stand at CRE 2010 By Mr John Smart 7793, page 3


2011 conference marks Authorised (King James) Version Bible 400th Anniversary 7823,p1

Church Society EC7829, page 1

Anglo-Catholic heresy conference report by David Meager 7825,p5


– report says scrap EHRC 7826,p3


cohabitation is no alternative to marriage 7826,p8

cohabitation threatens success of Big Society 7818,p4

instability of cohabitation 7792,p5

Comfort, Ray

Ray Comfort’s 180 Movie changes minds about aboriton EC7830,page 8



Conservative Christian Fellowship – report of service at 2012 conference 7859

Constitution (UK, Protestant)

– see Queen

Cranmer, Thomas, Archbishop

Diarmaid MacCulloch lecture on Cranmer 7827,p7

The Challenge of Cranmer’s Heritage – by David N. Samuel 7642,page 10


30 years of Creation Resources Trust 7825, p1

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