– a gentle sprinklilng for our Baptist friends 7822,p7 and 7823,p7

Begbie, Lt Col Rev RJG, OBE – Obituary 7820,p5

Bell, Robbrief critique – 7818,p2


– AV 400th Anniversary

King James Bible at Olympia 7821,p5

The Jewel in the King’s Crown – review of commemorative book by Dr David Allen 7821,p8

Scottish AV Commemoration with Rev David Silversides 7819,p3

AV Commemorated by the BBC ! 7819,p6

– Church in Wales minister burns Bible pages 7824,p5

– modern versions 7829.page1

the Bible is the bedrock of British Society 7821,p1

– see also individual books of the Bible by name

Book of Common Prayer – see Liturgy


Book Reviews: For an index of recent reviews in English Churchman see HERE

Brethren – Charity Commission deny status to Plymouth Brethren 7858 and 7859


deception of Buddhism 7825,p2

–  deception of Steve Jobs by Buddhism 7831,p7

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