– cynical campaign for in Ireland Nov 2012 7859 page 9

-the Attack on the Unborn Child by Dr ES Williams 7834

– survery of mdeical students’ abortion objections 7832,p3

Ray Comfort’s 180 Movie changes minds about aboriton EC7830,page 8

Mental health impact downplayed by report 7826,p5

discrimination against disabled people 7823,p7

psychiatrists report on effects of abortion is biased say SPUC 7818,p3

– churches must act following pro-abortion European Parliament vote 7759


Affinity – challenges Barclays re Stonewall 7858


African Blessing in Leicester -Banner of Truth 2010 minister’s conference report 7792,page1

Alcohol (-ic) – see Drunkenness


Algerian crackdown on churches 7820,p1


New Anglican Mission Society anounced 7823,p5

Anglo-Catholicism (a false religion)

From Mess to Mass – growing Anglo-Catholic church through Alpha Course claims revival! 7823,p6

History of the Romeward Movement of the C of E 1833-1864 by Walter Walsh, reviewed by Philip Veitch 7758

 Archbishop of Canterbury

– Justin Welby appointment assessed 7858

Articles of Religion, The 39 Articles

Articles 13 and 14 – back page of Edition 7851

Atheism/Atheistssee Humanism ( it doesn’t sound quite so ungodly and inhumane but it is the same thing!)

Atkinson, Rev Terry Atkinson – Letter from Greece 7834

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