7914 January 9th 2015 – Why Muslims are converting to Christ; Magna Carta; Sex Education; Idolatry; World war One series continues.

7915 January 23rd 2015 – Godless mocking provokes Charlie Hebdo murders.

7916 February 6th 2015 – Eschatology of the Psalms; Equality training brainwashing; Where is our Zeal?

7917 February 20th 2015 – Religious Freedom; Ashers Bakery; Mum and Dad; Archbishop of York Double-minded; British ; Oh for a sense of God! Defend or Lose UK Christian Civilisation.

7918 March 6th 2015 – Shades of Grey complaint on buses; prejudiced government closes Christian school; Sizer gagged by liberal bishop; The Pilgrim Concept by Dr Peter Masters; Devil laughs at Church of England.

7919 March 20th 2015 – Equality survey; Tim Keller and the Proclamation Trust; Archbishop of York leads horrendous monastic ritual; MAGNA CARTA  series starts; Sabbath liberty.

7920 April 3rd 2015 – Ashers witness to the glory of God; Taunton street preacher convicted; The most pathetic preacher in Scotland; Ecumenical confusion abroad.

7921 April 17th 2015 – Michael Gove on Christianity; Equality Tsar; Islamic Prayers in Southwark Church; Tim Keller and the Proclamation Trust part two; 

7922 May 1st 2015 – British Values; Messianic Jew found guilty; Britain’s glorious heritage; Surprise visit of Chines government; purpose of homosexuality and Islam; what’s really wrong in the Church?

7923 May 15th 2015 – Who is the Holy Father? VE Day Anniversary; Teacher banned for teaching on Crusades; General Election;

7924 May 29th 2015 – Ashers case lost; We are at War; Bishop welcomes Muslim solidarity; Call to stand up to evil; the liberal Conservatives; 

7925 June 12th 2015 – Walsingham witness; EMF open day; Ecumenical Archbishops at Holy Trinity Brompton; street preachers cleared of charges; Evangelical Anglican conference in USA; Queen’s Speech; The problem of Islam; Wolves in Irish Presbyterianism; end of Magna Carta series; 

7926 June 26th 2015 – British values holds hands with Satan to persecute preacher James McConnell of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast; Prayer Book Society disowns faithful minister; CRE Exhibition report; Trinitarian Bible Society New Premises; the danger of doubt; The Biblical doctrine of the Atonement;

7927 July 10th 2015 – Archbishop of York leads shameful dissembling of sin; Gospel preaching at London Pride parade; Church of England (Continuing) Bishop at Annual Assembly; Dr John Beignet 1944 to 2015;  Evangelicals rebuke Bishop of Buckingham; American street evangelists in London; Where are you? – a challenge to evolutionary thinking.

7928 July 24th 2015 – The Mandela Industry; John Huss; Fifty years of fatal ecumenism; Peter Trumper 1934 – 2015; Secularism a muddle; Humility; Desperate world seen in Calais; Government pressing Sabbath desecration.

7929 August 7th 2015 – Belfast’s Day of Shame, not pride; Independence of Muslim dominated area threat; Cunning Vatican system; Fandom cult; Jewish convert lived a lie; the erosion in two generations

7930 August 21st 2015 – Methodist racism; Linda Jones, Jewish Christian persecuted; Glasgow open air, Declaration of Hope; Bible Day in Gloucester; EMF Huddle; Take God seriously;

7931 September 4th 2015 – Science and belief in God; Manchester light in darkness; John Knox on the Mass; Ministry of Jeremiah; start of NEW COLUMN – Understanding the Humanistic Revolution by Rev John J Harding.

7932 September 18th 2015 – Reformation or Islamisation?; Euthanasia Again? Protestant Reformation Society Conference on preaching, report; Have we lost hold of the Gospel?

7933 October 2nd 2015 – Penn Conference report; Moldova report; NT Wright is spiritually dead; the moral way to guide children; Athanasian Creed, part 15.

7934 October 16th 2015 – Pope in the USA; Protest at St Paul’s; Archbishop Carey opts for Assisted Dying; Netherlands and Germany welcome Islam; preaching at Tory Conference; The greatest British Value; TBS Croydon and Bromley.

7935 October 30th 2015 – Political interference in German churches thwarted; Migration crisis; TBS Move complete; No hope in the Pope; How God used and discarded England from intro to Foxe’s Martyrs’; Fake Battles; Strange Gospel Partnerships; 

7936 November 13th 2015 – United Protestant Council conference against compromise on gay issue and also on duty of Government; BBC not impartial by a long long way; Gaulby Festival of Grace; Scotland’s sickly mess; the tragedy of Radio 4; Muslim burial pressure

7937 November 27th 2015 – Cameron Red Tories to secularise schools; Paris terror lessons missed; Critique of Eastern Orthodox Church

7938 December 11th 2015 – The Queen’s Synod Address in the Light of God’s Word; Wonderful Christian School Destroyed by OFSTED; American Editor laments the state of Anglicanism; Apostles Creed is abused when used to justify ecumenism; ecumenical plot has voided Protestant Constitution of the UK; The Controversy that is Christmas;


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