As many of you know, we do not usually publish our full up-to-date back issues here.  For example, as of 25th Nov 2013 we had only posted about a quarter of our 2013 editions for free dowload. Expect similar in 2014!

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Edition 7887 27th December 2013 – How Mandela tragically threw out the Christian Baby with the Apartheid Bathwater

Edition 7886 13th December 2013

Edition 7885 – 29th November 2013 –

Edition 7884 – 15th November 2013 –

Edition 7883 of 1st November 2013 –

Edition 7882 of 18th October 2013 –

Edition 7881 of 4th October 2013-

Edition 7880 of 20th September 2013 –

Edition 7879 of 6th September 2013 –

Edition 7878 of 23rd August 2013 –

Edition 7877 9th August & 16th August 2013

  • Includes: Book review of Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry

Edition 7876 of 26th July 2013 –

Edition 7875 of 12th July 2013 –

Edition 7874 of 28th June 2013 –

Edition 7873 of 14th June 2013

  • Features: Eight serious flaws in the Archbishop’s Speech, 
  • Protestant Reformation Society August Conference details, 
  • Graham Harrison obituary, 
  • Walsingham Witness report, 
  • Gospel light in 21st Century Hungary, 
  • Protest before Parliament, 
  • and usual features, letters, reviews and editorials.

Edition 7872 of 31st May 2013 –

  • Church of England (Continuing) – face to face at the CRE

Edition 7871 of 17th May 2013 –

  • Gospel Minister Sacked 

Edition 7870 of 3rd May 2013 –

Edition 7869 of 19th April 2013 –

Edition 7868 of 5th April 2013 –

Edition 7867 of 22nd March 2013 –

  • Christian Contentment – based on the famous book by Jeremiah Burroughs – part one of a series spanning most of 2013

Edition 7866 of 8th March 2013 –

Edition 7865 of 22nd February 2013 –

Edition 7864 of 8th February 2013 

  • Includes an article on “The Sad Decline of WEST” by Dr ES Williams

Edition 7863 of 25th January 2013 –

  • Refo500 Ecumenical Confusion
  • David Skinner writes In Memory of Harry Hammond – Martyred in Bournemouth in 2001
  • Is There Any Power in Anglican Evangelicals?
  • Decline & Revival of Your Christian Life – Part 12
  • Lance Armstrong – lessons to be learned – by Shoebat Foundation
  • The 39 Articles – series by Rt Rev JB Shucksmith continues in Article 17 On Predestination
  • What the Euro Cross Cases say about British Righteousness and Sovereignty

Edition 7862 11th January 2013

  • Magna Carta 800 Year plans
  • Immoral Clergy May be Bishops
  • Decline & Revival of your Christian Life part 11.
  • Lessons from 19th Century – Bishops resist The Oxford Tract Heresy
  • Rome’s Sham Year of Faith – by Richard Bennett
  • Christianity at risk in Middle East
  • Book Reviews, Editorial etc



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    I would like to know if there is a way to post some articles on Facebook? I find great joy in these articles that I “accidentally” found on the internet today. I looked for something on Refo500 and that is how I found this website. There is a great concern in my heart about Refo 500. Also, I am a South African living in Calgary, Canada and can only agree with your article on Mandela. Did you notice that h e is or was one of the “elders” of the world? Seems like with Mandela as the messiah, the elders of the world and the earth charter as ten commandmends they have pretty much copied the Bible’s example?
    Kind regards,
    Name supplied

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    Hi, will you please take my response off the internet February 12,2014, I do not want it available when someone googles my name. Hope you understand, Kindly

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