Some friends are wondering what to do for Lent apart from rapidly eating pancakes then just as rapidly stopping eating chocolate.

The whole pooint of the Bible is that we give up sin all year round and love God through Jesus Christ all the time with our heart sould and mind. We can never do better than that. In fact we fail so much. However our determination should be 24/7 and we cannot think that we can be slack all year and somehow make up for it during Lent.

To see how Lent has been so downgraded today, consider the old 1662 Book of Common Prayer service “A Commination” and it should at least cause you to think soberly of yourself and to repent and glory in the Lord Jesus Christ rather than in your own failing will power. See THIS LINK. to read the text of the service. Especially read aloud the main exhortation given by the minister. It really is one of the most wonderful compilations of Bible verses to express not only the holiness and wrath of God but also His amazing grace.

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