Sometimes a contributor will be on the scene as a noteworthy news story develops and may wish to contribute photographs and a few words describing the event. For those who share our aims and are are keen to get an important story in front of fellow concerned Christians, we invite you to request mobile contributor access. This will make it very quick and easy to get content to us in a timely and accurate fashion.

How to contribute a story or content

1.You’ll need an iPhone / Android / Blackberry / Smartphone with a data plan.

Installing a WordPress App on your phone

2. You’ll then need to please ensure that you have a working WordPress App on your phone. If you don’t already have one, please visit this list of available mobile WordPress Apps and select and install one.

Obtaining a user name and password

3. Please write a very short email to requesting a username and password to access the limited access version of the dashboard on our WordPress site, from where you will be able to create and edit new posts.

Logging onto The English Churchman’s Mobile Contributor’s Area

4. Using your WordPress App:

a. Please select the option ‘Add self-hosted WordPress blog’

b. Please input:

  • URL:
  • Username: xxxxx (this will be provided in an email)
  • Password: xxxxx (this will be provided in an email)

c. Please select the Geotagging option (if you are happy for your movements to be reported – otherwise leave this unchecked), and click ‘Save’ and the application should connect to the blogging page.

Please note that you will be set up as an ‘author’. This means that you will not have access to Pages, Comments, or Stats, and will need to select the ‘Posts’ option.

Contributing Posts and Comment

  1. From the menu options on your WordPress dashboard (if using the non-mobile option), or from the menu at the bottom of your screen if using amobile App , please select ‘Posts’, then ‘Add New’.
  2. Please begin blogging and uploading images that detail the event or communicate your perspective.
  3. Please consider emailing colleagues, friends and family to suggest they get involved and share their own views.

That’s it! We hope you’ll find the process straightforward!

2 Responses to “Mobile Posting”

  • Rien Meijer:

    To the administrator,
    In our Dutch reformed newspaper I found your details. My question is this. Our daugther lives at the Cambridge side. Her husband is christen-right lawyer. Please, is it possible that we order an subscription for a weekly newspaper of the English Churchman for them?

    Please, let me know what’s possible.

    Blessings, Rien Meijer

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