We have been reported in the Dutch daily newspaper the Reformatorish Dagblad (reformed daily – so names as it is owned by Christians and reports on all news but has a Christian ethos.)

The article quoted from EC 7849 and is the one by RG Bartle regarding the Olympics being pagan.

This is not the first time we have been quoted in the Dagblad. The following two links are both in Dutch but you can translate them if you click on the right thing, especially easy if you are using Google Chrome as it offers the translate option automatically:

Remember Jeffrey John see here.

And way back in the 1970s we are talked about in a most fascinating way HERE.


Here is a tract that appeared as an article in English Churchman. We are hoping to get a high resolution version printed to distribute. If you would like a high res image to use then please call or email the Editor.

London 2012 Olympics tract


Completed tract with minor corrections and contact details:



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