Subscribing to The English Churchman newspaper

To benefit from the English Churchman newspaper you will need to subscribe!  Don’t panic … it is not like one of those expensive subscriptions. We are publishing from a Christian perspective and largely staffed voluntarily, and it is our pleasure that you should receive our newspaper.

Details of how to subscribe are in the paper itself on page 9.

Otherwise, if you are in the UK, you will need to send a cheque for £24 for one year’s subscription (approximately 26 issues). This includes postage, so is remarkable value!

Super 40+% Discount for Group Subscription of 5 copies

If you can get together with a few others nearby and order 5 or more copies to one address then postage is free so the costs works out as only £13.00 per person per year!

Alternatively order English Churchman through your local newsagent or Christian Bookshop and receive the newspaper for the cover price of 50p per edition or £13 per year.

You will find that we are amazing value compared to commercial publications. If you feel that you are able to help others in poor countries, especially ministers, to receive English Churchman then let us know or remember us in your will.

Due to postage costs, foreign subscriptions are slightly higher. Please contact the office for surface and airmail rates. Sample copies are available in the USA – email for details.


To subscribe, please send your name and address with a cheque to:

English Churchman

64 Ripley Road


West Sussex

BN11 5NH

Tel: +44 1903 505555

Alternatively, in the UK,  the English Churchman may be obtained by ordering from your local newsagent. Click Here for further information.

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