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9 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Brian Lally:

    Dear Editor,

    A plea for unity amongst those who love and fear God; even those who good-hearted people who recognise the need for Divine intervention in the affairs of Great Britain today.

    I am well aware that this is a contentious issue amongst Christians! I put my hands up and admit that I voted for the SNP at the last election but I would not do so now! I could not vote for any of the other major parties and it was important that Labour be ousted.

    But a vote for Scottish Independence now through the SNP will be a vote for godless tyranny!

    I wonder if the motivation for Mr Salmon’s demand for independence, is driven by his greed for the power to enforce his ‘equality’ program? The secularists are desperate for gender and sexual equality; racial equality and religious equality! Amongst other absurdities! Further devolved powers for Scotland right now is rather a dangerous proposition by David Cameron.

    Mr Salmon’s dream of an independent country is more of a nightmare! He spews out his hypocritical ‘anti-english’ sentiment holding the ‘No to racism’ card which puts equality out of the window for a start! And he would rather see Scotland’s enslavement to the corrupt, unelected, and unaccountable European bureacracy of the European Union, which is in tatters, economically and financially.

    I am a Christian and I believe I am favoured by God for being able to confess my faith in Christ. I do hate to think that Mr Salmon has a plan to rid his ‘Scottish’ society of the Name of God’s Son. Or every form of protestantism or dissent! I hate to think that I will be expected to see my Saviour as a mere founder of a religion which has its equal in all others. I don’t see that it has!
    Christ’s Gospel message has its origin in Heaven, and is distinctly unalterable and alienated from all the belief systems which have their origins in darkness.

    My Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently encouraged Christians to be bold in the declaration of their faith, and as I have always been, I continue to do so now!

    So Mr Salmon, the ‘non-racist’ is calling upon us, foreign residents and voters in Scotland to vote for an independent Scottish future which means a break away from the English, Welsh, and Ulster peoples.

    He does have a strange mix in his morality and politics, but it begs the question, ‘who wants to be his equal’? I do not!

    He is keen on ‘same-sex’ marriage which does not have a place in Christian life. It does not have a place in any “good, civilised, normal and natural society”. And those words could be the last that could be described of Scotland if Mr Salmon’s propaganda machine on independence holds sway over the Nation and many Christians unfortunately.

    He has already admitted that no party in Scotland is able to legislate for ‘same-sex’ marriage in Scotland without the permission of Westminster, due to the impact on laws covering immigration, so he needs his own powers!
    And he’ll do anything for it! And at any cost! A cost that the whole of the United Kingdom will bear!

    So in order to foist the ungodly, unnatural agenda of ‘same-sex’ marriage upon the Scottish people in his impious pride, and in the pursuit of his own singularly united ‘political-religious’ state, he will use the Scottish independence route! Unless he declares unilateral independencel

    Is his call a political deception?

    I read recently, he was prepared to listen to opinions made about ‘same-sex’ marriage from people who are not living here! But he is not prepared to give Scots living outside the country to have their share in the vote converning their country of origin!

    As independence is a very big step to take and it will undoubtedly affect the English, The Welsh and those in Northern Ireland, I believe it is incumbent on the man to recognise that they too have a part to play in this referendum!

    David Cameron for a start, has every right to question Mr Salmon’s political aim.

    After all, there are many English-based companies here; many English people have invested in Scottish Companies here, and many English people are living here!

    Mr Salmon wants Scotland to be different and an example to the world of a ‘tolerant’ society, but he is not when it comes to my right in exercising the freedom to live out and express my faith!

    Political hypocrisy!

    I can only assume Christians and Christian ‘God-given values’ for life are a hinderance to him. He needs the support of most of the people in Scotland who see themselves as Christian, so is he guilty of electoral abuse or a ‘hate’ crime himself?

    I cannot think that he loves Christians though he just cannot see how he can possible succeed in establishing his ‘godless’ pluralistic state without their vote.
    He is quite prepared to fob off the voice of a majority of the, and may I say it, “Scottish” population; the majority which says it is Christian, and which is definitively saying NO to ‘same-sex’ marriage! And enjoy or expect support for his independence plan?

    How unwise can any leader be? He seems absolutely resolute in imposing an ungodly change in law upon the Scottish Nation, which is very much dependent on the upright Godly lives and God-fearing lives of the Christians and good-hearted people in Scotland.

    Can this actually be construed as wise and democratic? I think not! And Mr Salmon bears the mark of an arrogant and ‘intolerant’ tyrant himself who would rather co-operate with a minority homosexual lobby who have not taken civil partnerships seriously.

    He just does not recognise fairness, but he talks about his views on unfairness.

    When his taxpayer-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland took a partisan line recently by calling on the next Scottish Government to alter the law on marriage, and deliberately sideline the Christian faith, he said and did nothing about it!
    It ‘ll be one tax-funded commission that will be out of commission if I had my way!

    He will try to ignore Christians, and other good-hearted people who see marriage as right, as God intended, as natural, but through his political eyes, focussed on a definitely homosexual agenda, he sees it as differently; ‘marriage is not Gods institution at all.
    From satan’s point of view.

    But we have to keep on explaining to Mr Salmon, that Christians did not institute marriage! It is NOT the creation of Government, so he destroying this beautiful witness to God’s place in the affairs of mankind.!

    Marriage is God’s! He ordained marriage in order that man and woman could live together for the procreation of life, and, as a special added blessing for man and woman, a way of escape from sexual sin. But God’s purposes for marriage do not mean a thing to Mr Salmon, and neither most in the Scottish Parliament.

    The partisan lines of the EHR Commission are indicators of a real and more dangerous intolerance! The intolerance of all that is Godly!

    So it would appear that Mr Salmon is really determined to oppose God on the issue of marriage!

    The 305 year history of the Union was in God’s will and purposes in the first place! And The Union has worked because Christians had a very large part to play in its inception and development. Many Nations and many races have been blessed by the glory of the rising of Great Britain, though I concede many mistakes were made! But the message of the Gospel of Christ went out from Great Britain to many countries which became established as a part of the United Kingdom, in turning from heathenism, to embrace Christ’s Word and have prospered. Most of the Commonwealth Nations are the fruit of God’s Word, and they have been saved from political catastrophes through the influence and work of Christians.

    Of course, athiests, satanists, pseudo-Christian liberal influences and false religions have ventured to destroy these Nations and in some ways, succeeded in more recent times, but that is in the main due to the incursion of these enemies of Christ into Politics as it has so happened today.

    I hasten to add, our declension has been due to the fact that these same enemies have infiltrated the churches, particularly the Church of Scotland, in the first place, as wolves in sheep’s clothing, and put Christians to sleep or turned it into a weak and fearful compromising organisation: bowing down to corrupt godless officials instead of King Jesus.

    It is my view that it is only the godless tyrant who looks to the destruction of the best possible way to govern the peoples of any country. The union of Great Britain was and is the best way to govern the peoples in the Union.
    Mr Salmon’s plan to destroy the Union will take Scotland back a thousand years.

    Can any sensible Government really want to see the demise of Great Britain! Mr Salmon’s government does!

    As there is no guarantee of ‘the family’ and ‘marriage’ under Mr Salmon’s leadership, can Scotland really expect to be safe under him?


    Last year the Scottish National Party leader said he did not think the Scottish Parliament would be able to change the law on independence,either, because it needed a change in Law at Westminister.

    But that has not stopped Mr Salmon’s hellbent scheme on giving the Scottish electorate a referendum which I do believe most Scots did not ask for, and certainly Mr Salmon is not capable of delivering.

    We must remember that he only just squeezed into power because Labour, with its corrupt, and immoral representatives in Parliament lost its vote through the illegal Iraq war, corrupt politics and double-standards in public life!

    Surely now, the true concerns of the Scottish Government should be our faith rights, the protection of and establishment of more faith schools; the Godly needs of the Nation in securing the protection of our children and a Godly education that will prepare them for life in an uncertain and unstable world.

    God’s righteousness in Christ should be the priority concern of David Cameron.

    RIGHTEOUSNESS should have preference to independence from Westminister!
    Whether Scotland likes it or not, Scotland will never be free without Christ; His Rule, His Lordship; an unquestioning obedience to HIS imperishable Word!

    Yours faithfully in Christ’s glorious Service,
    Brian Lally

    p.s. I do hope that it does not portray an unchristian spirit! It is a reaction! and I think that many Christians would love to see this topic on the boil at all times. The Church in Great Britain is in dire need of a revival of the faith which was first delivered to the saints!

    • J. Gasper:

      I sympathize with you in your dilemma, Brian. The SNP looks to me like Labour in a kilt. But do not imagine that here in England David Cameron has anything different to offer. He is, after all, prepared to crawl to the EU and to force same-sex marriage on the population without any due electoral mandate. Is was not in his manifesto and nobody voted for it. Cameron has Peter Tatchell advising him and so, to the great shame of the Church of England, does the new Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Wellby. I say shame because Tatchell has got many unmistakable links to the Paedophile Information Exchange and their horrible agenda. See

  • waldens:

    Dear Sir,

    As a Dutchman who follows Refo500 in the Netherlands I would like to give you the following information regarding the continuance of Joel Beeke with Refo500 in 2013.

    First of all this article from the USA.

    Secondly I visited in 2013 the largest Dutch reformed commercial fair in the Netherlands (
    There Refo500 had one of the largest booths at the fair because of the celebration of 450 years Heidelberg Catechismus.
    In it I found on its bookshelf THE book by Refo500 on 450 years Heidelberg Catechismus and a book on churchhistory in both many Refo500 commited theologians and pastors have written an article. Dr. Joel Beeke also has contributed in both books with an article. By this book Dr. Joel Beeke presents himself in 2013 concering the Heidelberg Catechism and churchhistory of which the first is most certainly a Refo500 publications.
    Regarding the book on churchhistory, please ask Refo500 and/or Dr. Beeke yourself. I found it on their bookshelf and checked at least three times whether I saw the name of Dr. Beeke in it.

    Dr. Beeke knows in 2013 the 100% Roman Catholic connections of Refo500.

    In 2013 Dr. Beeke will do a tour sponsored by a partner of Refo500, Wittetravel.
    If you download the brochure you clearly see the Refo500 logo.

    As Dr Beeke presents himself in 2013 in THE publication of Refo500 on 450 years Heidelberg Catechism
    and as a guide in a by Refo500 promoted tour in Europe in 2013, I must disagree with your excuses you
    make for Dr. Beeke.

    Dr Beeke is a promoter of the English puritans worldwide (of which Dr. Beeke himself knows that they
    TO THE MAN confessed the pope of Rome to be THE antichrist), Dr. Beeke is an intellectual who has all the time
    and resources to know the biblical foundation of this position, and he knows the roman catholic connections
    of Refo500. For him to join Refo500 in 2013 publicly again seems to be deliberate.

    Lastly I would mention that on the blog of Dr. Joel Beeke he talks about a visit in September 2012
    at the theological university of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. There he visited Dr. Selderhuis, the director of Refo500,
    which encounter he describes in very friendly words as though he considered Dr Selderhuis as a valued friend and brother.

    If a pastor asks churchpeople to let their light shine in personal life, yet he himself joins apostate organisations,
    that is a clear example of elephant and muskito.

    (may I also mention this conference in Italy this weekend by another well known missionary which is held in a roman catholic
    monastery where during weekdays 2 times the mass is celebrated. )

    • admin:

      Thank you. We cannot make excuses for others when we do not know all the details. However, in such circumstances neither is it fair to make accusations. That is why we have apologised

  • As a further proof of what I said regarding Paul Washer, see this public article on the internet

  • waldens:

    Dear Sir,

    In your edition of 16 to 23 October 2015 a book ‘THE REAL scandal of the EVANGELICAL MIND’ by Dr. Carl Trueman is promoted by Joseph Hewitt (retired Grace Baptist Pastor).

    For your information Dr. Carl Trueman and Dr. Joel R Beeke (see earlier message on this page) are planned as mainspeakers later on in 2016 at a conference in the Netherlands on 400 years John Owen.

    Both are thereby presenting themselves with Refo500.

    And at the Theological University Apeldoorn to which Prof. Dr. Selderhuis, Director Refo500, belongs.

    How is it possible that Dr. Carl Trueman on the one hand can write a book on the problems within evangelicalism and be promoted here in this protestant newspaper, while some time later he can present himself in the Netherlands publicly with those who are actively seeking spiritual unity with Rome ?

    Is it possible that in the titles of Dr. Carl Trueman S.J. is missing ?

    • admin:

      While Refo500 is clearly academic and / or ecumenical rather than Reformed, it is not well known in the UK and our reviewer may well be unaware of it. His encouraging review should not be understood to be approving the involvement of the author in Refo500. Far from it! The English Churchman is thoroughly opposed to ecumenism and to all attempts to lure evangelicals into it, as Refo500 appears to have done. I imagine that when men realise what Refo500 is, they feel rather embarrassed and yet they still feel that they should give their Reformed contribution to what they naturally assumed was a Reformed anniversary.

  • Peter Finlay:

    I was, as a Christian, encouraged to find there was a Scottish Christian Party which would be standing in my region at the forthcoming election. Yes, it would be good for Christians to stand up and bring the values of our Lord Jesus Christ onto the stage of politics. For example over the past many decades political leaders of all parties have been bowing down to the god of wealth as the only criterion in dealings with countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and a host of other countries which torture their citizens if they attempt to speak about what is going on in their countries. Our governments can only bleat a few feeble words of protest and continue to sell billions of pounds worth of arms to the oppressors. At one time the Church of Scotland (and other churches) were to the forefront in the battle against the evils of apartheid and their action helped to bring down the racist Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland leading to true nationhood for Zambia and Malawi. It is wonderful to read of the courageous missionaries and doctors with their deep Christian love for their people rejoicing with their people as they won their liberty. I thought a Scottish Christian Party might take up the cause of the many who are oppressed in todays world, a world poised on the cusp of new forms of oppression stemming from the Wahhabi Islam of our favoured Arab nation – Saudi Arabia. There is huge work needing to be done in our country and throughout the world in relation to the rise of Islam and in our country today few people know enough about the Christian faith to be able to act or speak in an effective way about what is going on.

    When I try to find out about the Christian Party candidate for my area, Brian Lally, what do I find? Well… what I find is all contained in the dreadful rant from his own lips printed above. An obsession with homosexuality – and no attempt to understand this condition with any sort of Christian compassion or recognition of the cruelties perpetrated on homosexuals down the ages, no attempt to think that Christians today need to look again without prejudice and with the eyes of Christ at people who in the past have been condemned to a lifetime of loneliness and persecution. Besides this there are paragraphs of antipathy to the SNP and Alex Salmond as if no Christian should be able to even think about the possibility of their own nation having the dignity of standing on its own feet – and able no longer to be dragged into the unbelievable support the uk has dished out over the decades to regimes as evil as Saudi Arabia.

    Come on, Christians of Scotland. If we are going to have a Christian Party, please, please, please do not let it be one led by people whose minds are trapped in a certain form of utterly narrow christianity, allies of the worst forms of the travesty of our faith embraced by the the gun-toting “christians” of America! We can do better. We have had great Christian leaders throughout our history – men and women of intelligence and sensitivity and vision who have made our nation – and the world – a batter place.

    Sadly, now I have to find another party to support next month. Much sadder is the thought of the impression of what Christianity means by candidates like Mr Lally.

  • Dear Sir,

    I read a copy of EC passed on regularly from a friend. In the most recent copy (2nd/9th September) in the introduction to the article on Archbishop Laud by J.C.Ryle you used a phrase very popular among evangelical Protestants namely “if the Lord tarries.” Can I just voice dissent at this ludicrous phrase? The Lord never tarries! One conjures up a picture of a reluctant schoolboy on his unwilling walk to school! The Lord is always spot on time in the execution of his eternal decree. The end of the world and the return of Christ has an appointed time. He himself says he comes quickly and with our lifespans being so short, that is true for all of us when he comes for us personally. But tarrying implies lateness, slowness and indecision. Surely nothing is further from the mind and plan of God. So my counsel is ditch that phrase! The Lord is coming. He will come at exactly the right time. We are to watch and pray. Much has still to happen that he tells us about in Scripture. But believe me, he will not be one minute late!

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Dr Julian Kennedy

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