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We were able to display copies of English Churchman at Christian Resources Exhibition, October 2017 for three days at Esher on the Christian Watch stand and on the Church of England Continuing stand.

Report and Comment from EC 7987:

Rays of light bring good cheer in dark days at Christian Resources Exhibition

The Brexit vote surprised many but the 17th to 19th October Christian Resources Exhibition has also shown that people are not as politically correct as the media would have us believe.

While it would be sensationalism and presumptuous to say that we are on the verge of revival, there was definitely a very significant improvement since we were last at the CRE in May 2014.

The media propaganda that the church is dying and irrelevant is simply not what we found, quite the opposite.

After two years at ExCel in Docklands, East London, CRE has returned, under new ownership, to Sandown Park, Esher, just inside the southwestern corner of the M25 London Orbital.

English Churchman was distributed at both the Christian Watch and Church of England (Continuing) stands.

The event may have been smaller than it used to be, and it seems no less diverse, but the Church of England (Continuing) stand was significantly busier than in previous years. Visitors were offered a copy of English Churchman with a copy of Mountain Tract No.6, entitled, The true unity of the Church, published by the Continuing Church. Visitors were then engaged in conversation and offered other free literature including the book Church in Crisis by Rt Rev David N Samuel, the church’s founding bishop, as well a copy of the Church of England (Continuing) Journal which was produced for CRE distribution to explain our use of the Prayer Book, the Authorised Version (KJV) Bible and the need for our Anglican witness outside the formal structures of the Church of England.

The stand enjoyed almost continuous enquiries throughout the three days, sometimes with people having to wait their turn to ask questions to the two or three friends manning the stand.

It was notable that the stand attracted much more sincere friendly interest than in previous years, the witness dating back to 2009 with a break in 2015 and 2016.

A Moving Encounter

We had many very wonderful surprises. For example, in 2009, a Churches Together leader had criticised our independently carrying out open air preaching in his area. We said Rome was not Christian and left the matter there. A few years later he said he understood that there is a place for different churches. However, this year he took us to one side and told us that he has now left Churches Together because it includes homosexual priests who live together! We went on to warmly encourage each other. We did not expect such joy.

Another local lady, after we had got over her simple “I’m a Baptist” objection, discovered we had mutual friends then went on to tell us that the local bishop had thrown out the local vicar for moving his boyfriend into the vicarage. It is hard to believe.

Amazing Array

An amazing variety of people engaged with us in a constructive way including a Church Commissioner, an ex chairman of a large Anglican newspaper, a trustee of a “rival” Evangelical newspaper, several charismatics, many vicars, several evangelical Anglicans, many people looking for solid biblical foundations, several wanting Bibles and Prayer Books, and many lovely genuine Christians. We often found ourselves preaching to nodding vicars and their friends. A primary school RE teacher, like many approached us and we wondered if it would be trouble but our biblical faith and doctrine met with much approval, her little group wanted evangelical teaching and took several copies of Richard Bennett’s leaflets as they wanted to know more clearly why Roman Catholicism was not Christian.

What was especially noticed was the keen desire of many to take Reformed literature. Apart from a few who go round exhibitions collecting “freebies”, many looked like they really love to read and study. Some said they would like to visit our churches.

Could it be that amidst the chaos in both church and society, God is calling out a remnant who will fear God and not man?

There were of course a small number of feminist LGBT gainsayers. While these were a relatively small percentage compared to normal, possibly only about 5% rather than 20% or more in previous years, they seemed more aggressive. Yet they were probably a large part of the reason why the majority were coming to us for refuge. Perhaps the reason for this is that the liberal band has silenced most critics through propaganda but is having to resort to legislation to attack Christian morality.

Feminism as rife as ever

We were told by a feminist “Evangelical” woman preacher that she thought our not allowing women in charge of churches or to preach was “evil” and that the law will one day be changed and we will be stopped. (See Comment piece, page xxx)

A Tragic Encounter

One especially moving encounter was with a woman who felt she had to walk out of her village parish church whenever the vicar preached. She said his sexuality was not right and she couldn’t listen to him preaching. She told us it must be her fault but we explained that her upset and sadness was perfectly right. We realised that her confusion emanated from her lack of Biblical understanding. We suggested she went to a Bible preaching church elsewhere but she replied, “But I want to go to the church in my village”. This made us think. To deliver from incomprehensible medieval Latin darkness, our Protestant martyrs blood was shed when they were burnt at the stake, to give us a real Christian church in every village. Yet now Satan is destroying so many churches and souls with fake vicars. Yet now, for this dear woman, and no doubt for many more, the penny has finally dropped and it is plain to all that the church is again in desperate need of reform. This made us nearly cry both for her and to this that the martyrs’ sacrifice was so forgotten. Let it make us pray. (see comments article)

Charismatic Reality

The CRE also showed us that the supposed revival of the 1960s charismatic renewal may be coming round to reality. For example several charismatics we met reported a distinct lack of anything we would describe as charismatic taking place in their churches. E.g perhaps a healing of cancer, which we know is a very subjective matter as remission can be misnamed as healing and cancer can be healed without that being a miracle. We asked one, Do you speak in tongues in your church? “Not as much as we’d like” he replied. And we asked, What does charismaticism make of the fact that Martin Luther came out of Roman darkness and withstood the full powers of the Pope and the devil without miraculous Charismatic gifts? “O I can see you’ve got the Holy Spirit” one replied.

Interestingly, one Charismatic, who said his very large church was seeing people saved every week, complained that he was only given five minutes at the end of the service to do a Communion but he said he really appreciated the biblical reverence when he attended a Prayer Book Communion in a village church.

Could it be that over the last fifty years God has been saving souls in makeshift charismatic churches while the Church of England and other denominations were falling apart?

Could it be that Charismatic is just a buzz word for being friendly, wearing casual clothes and having a band, but without any miracles except the greatest, conversion itself? We know some of their preachers are preaching serious sermons. Luther said he didn’t do much, the Word of God did it all. Could it be that Charismatics are getting over their claims and are facing the possibility of the real miracle of the work and fruit of the Holy Spirit also?

As for the other denominations, there were glimmers of light also. One lady was well informed about John Owen and the Puritan roots of her congregational church that joined the URC.

Another family were leading a Salvation Army church and were Evangelical and were aware that much of the Salvation Army was not. Yet their small congregation had grown from four to eleven.

Despite the overwhelming support for our biblical stand, we did of course meet some from the other side.

For example, we met one vicar who suggested that homosexual people commit suicide because people do not accept them. His tone was so emotive with anger that we said very little but it did make us think afterwards what we should have said, which is that Jesus saves and changes the most impossible cases. (See Comment article which follows)

Penny drops at CRE – Signs of awakening?

While we are not reporting revival, we are not the only ones to have noticed glimmers of light among our dark and stormy society and church in the last year or two.

Meeting such a large number of diverse churchgoers at Christian Resources Exhibition, including many evangelicals from a wide range of churches, enables us to obtain something of a barometer reading to measure change.

We first attended CRE in 2009. In that year and for several years afterwards, the Church of England (Continuing), with its refusal to ordain women and its insistence on retaining the dignity of Prayer Book worship and the Authorised (King James) Bible, seemed rather quaint and unnecessary to most who visited our stand. Support and encouragement came mainly from serious Old Evangelical nonconformists who shared our resistance to the liberal ecumenical movement.

However, prayers were wonderfully answered this year and it really was a remarkable three days at the CRE. We talked and preached continually from 10am to 5pm and gave out far more Reformed literature than we have previously.

What can explain the change?

For an unprecedented number of people who have become truly distressed about the state of their parish churches, the Church of England (Continuing) no longer seems as outrageous as it did in 1994 when it formed, or in 2009 when it first appeared at CRE or even in 2014 when last at CRE. Since 2014 the penny has dropped that the Church of England is not right and the Church of England (Continuing) has become a beacon of light and a possible refuge in a raging sea of immorality.

Fake Ministers

The first penny that has dropped for many is that the Church of England is in crisis because people have been shocked by the open existence of so many fake ministers in the church. One lady was virtually weeping over the destruction of her village church by a fake vicar.

We have always believed and taught that non-evangelicals are unconverted in need of salvation and that the liberal and Anglo-Catholic wings of the C of E should not exist. However a form of religion without the power has always been accepted by nominal Christians who know no different.

Since their 1967 Keele Conference, to their shame, Anglican Evangelicals, when in the company of fake vicars, have been content to lay aside their Bibles, and have not merely tolerated but worked together with them. Sadly the effect of this has been to let in an even wider range of heretics including the openly rebellious or ignorant advocates of LGBT.

The effect has been to endorse the hopeless depressing atheist mantra “you are a product of meaningless evolution and you cannot change”. This is the very opposite of the optimistic Gospel which changes people in the most dramatic ways so that the Apostle Paul could say to a church from a very perverted city, “and such were some of you”.1 Corinthians 6:11.

Tragically a lie is boasted, that a person can change from male to female or vice versa, ignoring the smallprint that only a prototype version, lacking reproductive organs, is currently available. Meanwhile, strangely, it is also taught that strong but strange feelings cannot change, so they deny that repentance can be granted to those who lust. This leads to cruelty toward any claiming to be ex-homosexuals. Further it is taught that to preach that we must repent of sexual sin as we do of other sin, is harmful and amounts to hatred.

The blame for Homosexual Suicide

Tragically liberal fake vicars are ignorant of the Gospel and therefore deny the power of God to save and change lost sinners, so they have no choice but to confirm them in their sin.

Against us it is pointed out that when homosexuality is accepted, cases of gay suicide are reduced. However the reduction is only relatively small. Therefore the misery of homosexuality cannot be blamed on those who disagree with it. Rather the problem is homosexuality itself.

However, other rejected and oppressed people do not commit suicide because of the intense social rejection they face. For example, Muslims, if they are not first hacked to death by honour killing, do not commit suicide when they “come out” as Christian. Rather they are so sure of their identity in Jesus that they overcome fear and shame. They don’t have doubts because, unlike the homosexual, they are no longer in bondage to lust and satanic deception. See the many wonderful inspiring YouTube videos by ex-homosexuals who repented and became Christians.

Likewise if a Christian child “comes out” as atheist he doesn’t usually attempt suicide. Whatever parental pressure such a one faces to be a Christian, people today are encouraged to be confident in their sin, so there is no reason to blame others for suicide.

However, even when society and family accept him, the homosexual still cannot overcome shame with pride because his conscience overrides, regardless of what he says he believes. The homosexual is ashamed of himself so, even if everyone else says homosexuality is good, suicide rates remain high.

It is sin, not preaching against sin, that is the cause of suicide. A person who loves God will be kept by God and will not commit suicide, however much he is bullied.

Rates of suicide are extremely high in society at large. One study claimed that one in seven people have thought of suicide but among those saying they are gay, almost all are supposed to have considered suicide.

Yet too much study has focussed on the difference between gay and straight suicide and the small reduction in gay suicide that occurs when homosexuality is praised. However, as homosexuals are a small minority of people, homosexuality is just one cause of suicide. Studies ignore the main cause of suicide which is atheism which makes millions of people feel every bit as hopeless and depressed about themselves as the homosexual does. Thus we protest strongly that Christian preaching prevents suicide rather than causes it. To the contrary, Christians are the kindest to homosexuals because we tell the truth in love. We should be a good reason why they hold back from suicide as we offer the real hope and joy they can never get in homosexuality. It is not Christianity that causes violence to homosexuals but it is the natural hatred of homosexuality by ordinary atheistic people that is untamed by Christian mercy and compassion.

Churches in Ruins

Clearly the woman who wanted to stay in her village church but was distressed by the immoral vicar was not converted herself and did not understand the Gospel and the vital importance of only sitting under biblical ministry, something she had never had. What was critical however, was that she never realised anything was wrong until an outwardly ungodly man was the vicar. Previous vicars didn’t preach. Then the penny finally dropped.

What is happening is that unconverted churchgoers, who have sat under non-evangelical ministry for decades, are being shaken by realising that their vicars must really be on the wrong side of God, ie they are fake vicars or what Jesus called “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” or even more plainly, false prophets and false teachers.

Therefore homosexuality is doing for the church what women’s ordination failed to do. While many did not want women’s ordination and some even realised it was not biblical, the church was already so feminised and soft that it made little difference. The idea of any person ruling or having authority over others was Victorian and so foreign to the church, that a woman vicar was hardly “usurping authority over the man”. She had no authority. She came in as a social worker rather than as a preacher. Therefore her teaching was non threatening if not nonexistent and the congregation could check their mobile phones rather than listen to her mini sermons, just as they did with the liberal male vicars before her. But, while the feminist invasion merely stupefied an already spiritually dead liberalism, the homosexual assault upon the church has horrified people. That is, the penny has dropped and people are even prepared to talk to the Church of England (Continuing).

Feminism Failing Men

As for the woman preacher who hates churches that don’t let women preach, and believes that such churches will be closed down one day, we should have replied that, like Luther, we might be imprisoned or even killed but we could not be made to reject the Bible.

We reminded the woman preacher of Paul’s reference to Eve being deceived and then of Genesis 1. It was clear that she saw with feminist eyes and not the biblical wonder of the male and female design of mankind. We therefore said we could understand that she was angry because she didn’t know the Bible or appreciate what it says. We blame the theological colleges that virtually all teach that the Genesis creation of male and female was not literal. Consequently the quiet husbands, rather than being helped and supported by their wives, are forced to take a backseat and the wives are forced to step up and pray and preach. Behind every woman preacher is a soppy husband not playing his part. They are more to blame than their poor wives.

A very strange consequence of this is that while women preachers are not permitted in the evangelical churches, women with this burden and frustration due to their wet husbands, are “forced out” and find themselves preaching in the liberal churches! Wouldn’t that be a wonder if the liberal churches got a dose of their own liberalism by getting women preachers preaching the Gospel and from this came a true repentance and Reformation? Perhaps we are being too optimistic here but these are trends and possibilities. We are not prophets. We are certainly not advocating to do evil that good may come. We are not saying the ends justify the means. God forbid! Even the benefits of the crucifixion did not justify the wicked hands that slayed the Lord Jesus Christ. But providence wins and God overrules for good.

In any case, ultimately such femofascism will end but even if it flourishes for now, there are a huge number of people realising that the feminist, LGBT machine is a tyranny and is plainly wrong. When enough gender mutilated men and women come to repentance, then the world and church will plainly see the depth of evil into which they have descended.

Now the aggressive oldschool feminists are even fighting the transexuals so the LGBT movement may be shooting itself in the foot.

Final Lessons

This all demonstrates the need to persevere with a bold witness. “After many days” is the fruit. When the Church of England (Continuing) began in 1994 following the introduction of the ordination of women in the C of E, few except the most serious minded Christians were sympathetic. After all, arrangements were made for a “leadership is male” cupboard in a corner of the C of E for those who didn’t like the idea of women ruling men. The Anglican Evangelicals were even able to build more cupboards, ie through training, conferences and church planting. But now the chickens have come home to roost and they want all the cupboards back for somewhere to lay their eggs. And the chickens have returned in a worst condition and due to increasing gender confusion they lay infertile eggs but they still want their cupboards back.

Rev John J Murray wrote similar in ‘The dog that does not bark’ (in three parts in EC 7978-80) about the Church of Scotland Evangelicals who kept their heads down and let their denomination turn wild until it eventually turned on them.

All this accounts for why there was such a great change in the attitude toward the Church of England (Continuing) and the English Churchman since we were at CRE in 2014. If LGBT ideology is ruining families and only Evangelicals are standing, we become the only place for them to turn.

The large number of people at the Christian Resources Exhibition searching out both Christian Watch and the Church of England (Continuing) demonstrates the vital importance of persevering through days of spiritual apathy and hostility. Yes, the break of 1994 was right although after 23 years we seem smaller than when we started. A lighthouse beacon serves its purpose best to prevent shipwrecks by continuing as a beacon rather than by being turned into a hotel. And so, whether the Church of England (Continuing) grows or not, the most important thing for it to do is to keep shining light in the darkness until all are safely ashore.

Above all, the lesson is to fear God, not man. That means to obey God and the first thing is to have no other hope than Jesus Christ and to be fully sure and to be thankful for his blood once shed on that cross for us sinners and to REJOICE.

We must firmly protest and say that we are not the gloomy people the world says we are. They are the gloomy ones. We are the REJOICERS!


We will be at the UK Banner of Truth Ministers conference from 24th to 27th with copies of the newspaper including some backissues to give away. We can be contacted there by text to 07946 465156 or email Englishchurchman@aol.com

We hope to be at the 2015 Protestant Reformation Society conference. In recent years this has been a really excellent conference. The subject is “The Priority of Preaching” and it is over 3 days in Oxford from 1st to 3rd September. The cost of full board is only £125 and half price for full-time students. Day visitors are welcome but must pre-book. Booking needs to be done by 7th August through reformationsociety@hotmail.co.uk

It is very interesting to search through old copies of English Churchman and see the battle that was fought by our godly forefathers (some of whom are still with us!). It is not hard to see how the excuses that were made by the modernisers and liberalisers were indeed hoaxes and lies as our old friends said at the time. “Be sure your sin will find you out” Numbers 32:23.

We’d like to make old copies of EC available online. Please contact the Editor if you have any copies from the 19th or 20th Century.

We have started to write an index of book reviews. It includes book reviews published in English Churchman over the last couple of years. We’ll try to extend it as time permits.

It can be seen HERE

We have been reported in the Dutch daily newspaper the Reformatorish Dagblad (reformed daily – so names as it is owned by Christians and reports on all news but has a Christian ethos.)

The article quoted from EC 7849 and is the one by RG Bartle regarding the Olympics being pagan.

This is not the first time we have been quoted in the Dagblad. The following two links are both in Dutch but you can translate them if you click on the right thing, especially easy if you are using Google Chrome as it offers the translate option automatically:

Remember Jeffrey John see here.

And way back in the 1970s we are talked about in a most fascinating way HERE.


Here is a tract that appeared as an article in English Churchman. We are hoping to get a high resolution version printed to distribute. If you would like a high res image to use then please call or email the Editor.

London 2012 Olympics tract


Completed tract with minor corrections and contact details:



This should be self explanatory.

What a ridiculous and perverse state of depravity the people of our nation have reached when they cannot even tell the differnce between men and women!

Some friends are wondering what to do for Lent apart from rapidly eating pancakes then just as rapidly stopping eating chocolate.

The whole pooint of the Bible is that we give up sin all year round and love God through Jesus Christ all the time with our heart sould and mind. We can never do better than that. In fact we fail so much. However our determination should be 24/7 and we cannot think that we can be slack all year and somehow make up for it during Lent.

To see how Lent has been so downgraded today, consider the old 1662 Book of Common Prayer service “A Commination” and it should at least cause you to think soberly of yourself and to repent and glory in the Lord Jesus Christ rather than in your own failing will power. See THIS LINK. to read the text of the service. Especially read aloud the main exhortation given by the minister. It really is one of the most wonderful compilations of Bible verses to express not only the holiness and wrath of God but also His amazing grace.


If you have believed in Jesus Christ to save you from your sins, you have more going for you than you may sometimes think. Read on from St Paul to the Corinthians and you will be able to pray for others rather than worry about yourself:

1 Corinthians 1

18For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

19For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

20Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? 21For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. 22For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: 23But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness; 24But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. 25Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

26For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: 27But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: 29That no flesh should glory in his presence. 30But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: 31That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.