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support a Biblical Witness in Edinburgh

Dear friends throughout the  UK,
Christian Institute have intimated  that they will engage in
‘a non-religious’ event outside the Scottish Parliament
Wednesday 30th November in support
of Marriage being between one man and one woman. We agree
with such but isn’t it strange that until a couple of weeks ago they opposed any
public Open Air event and when it
was suggested at their meeting in Troon, Ayrshire
that a bus should be organised to Edinburgh for the united Christian witness,
this suggestion
got no support from them.
Now it appears that this  ‘non-religious event’ will include on a platform,
the Roman Cardinal and  possibly Muslims ? It has been suggested that this
is a sure way to loose the battle.
We must  agree because there are many instances of this in Holy
See the examples of :
Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 and Amaziah in 2 Chronicles 25
We encourage Christians throughout  the UK to unite behind the exclusively
Christian Witness planned for the  Scottish Parliament next
Thursday 8th December commencing at 9.30am. Please announce the
event too this coming Lord’s Day,  DV.


Tesco, the supermarket giant have annouced that they are sponsoring the Sodomite Parade in London next year. The vile display of fornication and obscenity encouarges this dangerous lifestyle but Tesco are quite happy. We are very happy to shop at supermarkets other than Tesco and maybe you are too. IF you live in Sussex you can even find a Christian supermarket that is not open on Sundays and encourage Lord’s Day observance. They have been replying to complaints saying that they support sodomites as much as anybody else. It is therfore important to state that you are not objecting to Tesco employing sodomites but to the fact that they are sponsoring “London Pride 2012” which is a vile display of perversity.

1. Pray for the Iranian pastor who is being threatened with the death penalty for supposedly converting from Islam.

2. Sign the e-Petition to preserve our Protestant Constitution at:

And write to your MP about this.

3. Continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing the preaching of the Word unto the salvation of souls.

Our next edition is due out , if the Lord wills on Friday 18th November

There are some important articles including:

  • Dr Patrick Sookhdeo responds to criticism in the Guardian
  • Recognising the True Church – by Rev John J Harding
  • Editorial – Judgment at St Paul’s
  • Reading Romans to be blessed and to be a blessing
  • Marriage – the unalterable status – by Peter Murcott

Be sure to get your copy!


We don’t know how long we have got! The photograph above is of the Editor with his 95 year old grandmother Caroline and his 3 year old daughter Hannah. No one would have guessed that Caroline would outlive Hannah but that is exactly what happened. Caroline is still driving her car while Hannah has been in heaven in the presence of the Lord since April 2011. Such things one has to live with and yet we believe that God makes no mistakes. Having the reality of eternity brought to us in such a shocking manner means that as Editor my greatest desire is that our readers are saved. In Christ there is a bright and glorious future beyond death but without him there is only hell.


We have done some work on the website now and hope you find it helpful.

We have started an index of articles and subjects that have been published in the paper recently. This is not comprehensive (yet) but is a selective index designed to help those wanting to access articles for reference or research. Obviously some of the news comes and goes and most people will not need to turn to it again unless doing research. However many of the articles in the English Churchman are going to be useful to turn to again and we hope that this will be of use to the Church and to Christians in general as well as others.