We have been publishing our newspaper in the UK for hundreds of years in one form or another.

The English Churchman itself dates from 1843 but the origins of the paper go back as far as 1761 and a publication called the St James’s Chronicle which later merged with the English Churchman to become what we have now, “English Churchman & St James’s Chronicle”, known for brevity simply as the English Churchman.

Originally in 1843 the English Churchman was an Anglo-Catholic publication but it soon came into Evangelical hands where it has been ever since. One can only pray that the Church of England itself would know such a happy course of events through the revival of the Gospel and the purging away of the false religions of ritualism and liberalism which are no Christianity at all.

We are in some ways “old fashioned” but in others we are radical because we are Bible based and see the news from God’s perspective. We follow the Protestant Reformation and the stand for truth and freedom that Jesus Christ provides.

We would love to make old copies of EC available to all interested in studying how the church has been changed over the years and also to learn from godly examples of older days. If friends have any old copies from the 20th or 19th  Century that we could upload  to the Internet we would love to hear from you. See HERE

English Churchman Family Tree – a list of publications incorporated into English Churchman will hopefully be added here soon.


List of Editors – We hope to complete this list in due course.

Rev James Ormiston (Some years to 1916) – funeral sermons HERE

Rev Gordon Murray (1960s)

Rev. Harold Gordon Haynes Hill (1970 to 1995) – obituary here

Dr Napier Malcolm (Some years until August 2002)

Mr Andrew Price (September 2002 – December 2004)

Rev Peter J. Ratcliff (December 2004 – present)



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  • J Wood:

    Good morning. Are there any online copies of the 1918 March/April issue. I am looking for an obituary on Rev John B Waddington.
    John wood, comox Valley, BC, Canada

  • admin:

    Dear Mr Wood,

    thankyou for your enquiry,

    We occasionally receive requests for very old copies of the English Churchman. They are in the British Library and a few other such places in the UK. Some copies are kept by the Evangelical Library.

    It is hoped that one day we might be able to make all the previous editions available on line but such a project has not yet commenced.

    There are some very useful articles buried away in these old editions. No doubt there is among them much warning of the perils that would come if the churches continued to turn away from the old paths.

  • Ed Dyke:

    Dr ES Williams

    I have read your article on “False Teacher” Mark Driscoll Controversy. My conclusions are in total agreement with yours. The concern I have, after 33 years within the 1689 London confessional Baptist churches, is that the reformed faith embraces Mark Driscoll wholeheartedly. Preachers such as : John Piper, Ligon Duncan, Al Mohler, Rick Warren, Sinclair Ferguson plus others. Even the professing church members loves Driscoll. Besides the Free Presbyterian ministers and a some Reformed Baptist pastors I converse with by phone, since they are out of Colorado, I would have no biblical counsel to this New Calvinism. The Downgrade Controversy is repeating itself but in a different form. I know spiritual depression is a sin and the Lord is in control but it is difficult to stay on the straight and narrow path when a man like Mark Driscoll is considered by many to be a man of God.

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