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The English Churchman | A Protestant Family Newspaper

Are you really tired of spin? Fed up with political propaganda in the news? Even radical news seems to have an agenda.

Well now we are pleased to offer you news from the Bible’s point of view. You may think that is foolish but if you will stop and listen you will be surprised that God is right and proud man is the fool. It is so refreshing to receive the light of the Lord Jesus. It is well proven and so long as we avoid the corruption that has affected many churches and so long as we turn to God He will hear us and help us. He says in Isaiah, “Look unto me all the ends of the earth and be ye saved. ”

We are a Christian printed newspaper in the UK. Most of our readers subscribe and receive our paper every two weeks by Royal Mail.  We are also read in Northern Ireland, the USA, and all over the world by readers who subscribe by airmail or surface mail.

Words online are cheap, often careless and ill-considered; nothing beats the printed word!

You may rely on the web for much of your information but the printed page will take a lot of beating for more serious reading.

Our prices are very reasonable and the content of our paper is biblical and challenging. Some would say we are old fashioned but we tackle the big issues of life and death while other newspapers are bickering in the dark without God and without hope.

We are “reformed”. That means we follow the Bible as rediscovered in the Protestant Reformation, the greatest revival of Christian faith since Bible times. However we report and comment on issues in society and the churches that affect Christians in general.


If you search for “English Churchman” on the web you may well find criticism of us by those of liberal persuasion. People mock us and think we are horrible. They sometimes distort what we say for their own ends. We are neither surprised nor dismayed by this. We endeavour to love these our enemies. The same kind of people also despised the Lord Jesus Christ because He said that their deeds were evil. He aptly said from the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). So it is that while we confess our shortcomings, many of our critics do not know what they are doing as they are not Christians. As Jesus said of the Pharisees, these men are not the children of Abraham, but children of the devil.

So, are we bigots? Are we Homophobic? Are we Islamophobic?

As the Apostle Paul said of himself, we also say that we are nothing in ourselves! Not that we are so humble that we think we will get to heaven because of that. Rather, we are quite simply honest that the Bible is true and in it we read that God is holy and righteous but that we have all rebelled against Him. Yet God is the God of salvation. In his Love and mercy He has a plan to rescue a great number of people.

It is very important to remember that the English Churchman Newspaper is no substitute for belonging to a faithful church. In some cases ministers read the English Churchman and it encourages them to continue their stand for the truth of the Bible. In other cases it brings reproof or rebuke and there may be a reaction of anger. In many cases the challenges do us good.

Our readers come from a variety of churches and some have no church. Our beliefs can be summarised as “biblical” but as the Bible is a big book and has been interpreted in different ways we are not ashamed of being labelled “Reformed”.  Despite the widespread heresy and downgrade from biblical doctrine we are also not ashamed of being called “Anglican”. We use the word Anglican as it was when the Church was re-formed out of the de-formed Roman Catholic Church of the 16th Century. One of our aims is to encourage members and clergy of the Church of England and Anglicans around the world to return to their biblical roots and reject  the bizarre modern worldly religion that nevertheless chooses to retain the name Christian!

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  • Irvin R Boonzaier:

    I trust this e-mail finds you well

    Looking for an article published in your paper 15th January 1971 by Mr Harold Hill the then President of Curtis Engine Company USA. Unfortunately I do not know the title of this article, but it was about “the day that was lost as read from the bible in the book of Joshua in which reference was give as Joshua 10 : 12 – 14”

    Furthermore this was and is still an incredible piece of information.

    I will be very happy to receive a copy of the article via e-mail and I am willing to pay all costs incurred.

    Best regards
    Irvin R Boonzaier

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