Welcome to English Churchman. Our main format is a paper edition published every two weeks and available by subscription. Alternatively request your newsagent or Christian bookshop to order it for you. Meanwhile on this website we have an archive going back to 2006, and some links to follow the Editor on Facebook and Twitter

Please do get in touch with your thoughts and news. We greatly covet the prayers of the people of God as we help one another.

Meanwhile on this website we have an archive going back to 2006, and some links to follow the Editor on Facebook and Twitter.

Please do get in touch with your thoughts and news. We greatly covet the prayers of the people of God as we help one another. English Churchman

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24th November 2017 IMPORTANT UPDATE

If you have sent email and failed to contact us in recent months, we do apologise, but some of our contact details have changed. We are chiefly a newspaper in paper format and our online presence is minimal. Please note:

Editor (Newsdesk and letters for publication) is Englishchurchman@aol.com and phone 020 8417 0875 or 07946 465156.

Admin (Subscriptions and Advertisements) is Englishchurchman@outlook.com and phone 07452 991434

Our Archive is hopefully back online soon including all of our 2016 editions!

A valuable large searcheable archive of most of 2006 to 2016 can be found here:ARCHIVE of 2006 to 2016 editions

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December 2015 – Our Big Annual Update of the Archive is underway, bringing you right up to date with our latest editions.

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November 2104 – THE BIG ANNUAL UPDATE !
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English Churchman will, God willing, be at:

2014 May 13th to 16th on the Church of England (Continuing) stand, a reformed witness to the Christian Resources Exhibition, Esher, Surrey. Come and visit us!

English Churchman Transatlantic Project

We are hoping to make English Churchman far more cheaply available in the USA for mutual encouragement as there are many serious Christians there.

The hope is to regularly send a box of copies to the USA for our distributor to send on to subscribers. This would hugely reduce the mailing cost but it needs a modest number of subscribers to get us started. With greater numbers we may even be able to print in the USA at a lower cost and get a quicker delivery too. If you are able to help us try to get this off the ground in any way, please email Englishchurchman@aol.com with USA in the subject line.

We need:
1. Much prayer.
2. Everyone to tell as many friends in the USA as possible about this project. Backissues can be viewed at www.englishchurchnan.com as well as more details.
3. Prospective subscribers in USA to notify us so we can keep them up to date with progress, send them sample copies and e-editions while waiting. The best way to do this is to email Englishchurchman@aol.com with USA in the subject line, but by all means phone or write.
4. Any help to subsidise the mailing costs, even very short term, would greatly help too, but we must emphasise that we not want readers to suffer in order to do that.

Here is the fuller explanation of the project which you may forward:

English Churchman is a Christian newspaper which was established in the UK in 1843 and incorporated St James Chronicle of 1761. Hopefully that long record says more than would the usual bunch of flattering commendations from friends or boasts of ourselves. Like the Apostle Paul, we would rather glory in our infirmities in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ alone.

We have much contact with friends in the USA and think it would be good to develop this and use English Churchman to encourage one another across the Atlantic.

That is why we are writing to friends and contacts and asking them to pass this on to others.

The Bible says, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” Proverbs 25:25.

While all the news regarding the churches is not “good” it does nevertheless cheer the heart to have contact with Christians in different countries. Wouldn’t it be good to have more of this fellowship to cheer our souls?

There has always been a close connection between the USA and the UK, not least because of our common Christian foundations. How much greater is the communion of believers worldwide!

Surely there should be mutual edification and encouragement among Christians across the Atlantic. Sadly, while some of enjoy excellent communications through social media, much of the transatlantic ministry is either purely political or the hype and hysteria of a clique of celebrity internet preachers, the effect of which is little better than the money-grabbing smooth tongued televangelists.

There are clear exceptions, but many devout Christians who live sacrificial lives are in smaller churches or are scattered. We believe we have much to share with one another that is far better than the usual transatlantic cyber church.

We would like to receive news and views from the USA and to send our contributions from the British churches to the USA.

We encourage friends worldwide to submit letters and articles for publication and share ideas. Please do that, regardless of whether this distribution project gets off the ground or not and even if you feel unable to subscribe. Ideally we would extend this scheme to other countries.

Until now this has been hindered by the high cost of sending our bi-weekly (26 editions per year) publication to the USA. By God’s grace we hope we can now overcome this hindrance.

We are writing to ask you for your prayer and encouragement with this project. We write, not for personal gain, but after the manner of 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, not to try to push you, but for the furtherance of the Gospel and that our fellowship, joy and thanksgiving in the Lord might abound.

Sincerity, simplicity and clarity in Christ and against sin is the need of the hour in both our nations.

We cover a wide variety of subjects in the newspaper but not in every edition. Therefore please look at the archive of back issues on our website www.englishchurchman.com to get an idea of the range of content over several editions.

We should emphasise that our readers are not merely passive but many are very active in the work of the Gospel. They include not only pastors and preachers, but also many elderly friends who pray earnestly and are great examples of boldness in the Lord, not fearing man. Could you help us contact such precious people in the USA, some of whom may not use the internet? The contact between such people across the Atlantic through the English Churchman could be a source of great blessing. Could you help them obtain the newspaper or pass yours on to them? Can you contact other churches and Bible colleges in the USA to reach a wide number including future ministers?

We thank God that after some waiting we now have a distributor lined up in the USA. If we can win a moderate number of subscribers in the USA, we should be able, God willing, to supply English Churchman at a far more affordable price than previously possible. We are a UK charity and we supply the paper below cost but the high mailing cost has been our problem. Our agent will receive a box and then forward to individuals or groups.

Friends in the USA should be able to subscribe for about 50 to 70 USD per year for the 26 editions but we may consider an initial subscription for six months. If the Lord will open this door widely, hopefully this will be nearer the lower end of this price range. If friends can order an extra copy to give to others or organise a local or church group subscription, that will greatly help and it may be possible to offer a further discount. Alternatively, if you are very careful with money, we will not despise you if you share the cost of a subscription with a neighbour or even post it on to someone else once you have read it. Some of our best friends in the UK make a copy go a very long way!

Meanwhile we hope to send a sample copy and free web copies of the paper to those who register an interest while we are waiting for the USA paper subscription to begin.

If you have any contacts in the USA who might be interested, please encourage them to register their interest by emailing us at englishchurchman@aol.com with “USA” in the subject line so that we can keep them informed of our progress.

Of course this is no obligation to subscribe and we will not burden you with many emails. Our desire is to do this for the Lord’s glory. May you know the Lord’s grace as you seek to follow him earnestly.

We have written more than we would have liked but we feel the need to explain things fully and carefully!

We can sum up in 4 points:
1. Take a look at the archive of past editions at http://www.englishchurchman.com/
2. Register interest by emailing Englishchurchman@aol.com with “USA” in the subject line.
3. Forward to your friends.
4. Please pray for us, not only to win a sufficient number of subscribers, but that we may be able to overcome many logistical hurdles to make the project possible.


We realise that individual non-UK subscriptions are expensive. This is due to the high mailing costs for 26 editions per year. To solve this we are trying to work through agents in individual countries.

USA – GOOD NEWS! – We now have an agent for USA. As soon as we can establish a list of over 50 people in the USA who would like to subscribe to the newspaper, we should be able to start cheap subscriptions to the USA. This should make the paper available in the USA for much less than half the current price and therefore be far more affordable. We would need at least 50 USA subscribers to start this but if we get 100 it would mean we could offer an ever better price. We could do the same for other countries if agents would offer to help. We are not yet quite sure of costs but we hope the annual USA subscription would be between $50 and $70, hopefully nearer the lower amount. We may start the project with a six month subscription for half this amount, ie $25 to $35.

Sample copies of the paper can be seen at


The actual paper size is 12″ x 16.5″ and is printed on 80 gsm paper which is far better quality than typical newspapers.

What to do now:

1. If you are in the USA, please email englishchurchman@aol.com with “USA subscription” in the subject line, to be added to our list for updates on the situation. We hope to send some sample copies.

2. Please let friends your in the USA know about this.

3. Please be patient as this may take a few months to establish. We can send you some pdf copies while you are waiting.

Please do get in touch if you live in another country and would either like to subscribe or to take on this agent role. The agent would need to be available to post on copies every fortnight (two weeks) and to have an alternative person to stand in for any weeks when on holiday or unwell. The price for an annual subscription of 26 copies would hopefully be between $50 and $70. We should mention that agents need to be keen supporters of our mission as there is no salary for this!

Welcome to English Churchman. Our main format is a paper edition published every two weeks and available by subscription or by requesting your newsagent to order it for you. Meanwhile on this website we have some tasters, an archive going back to 2006, and some links to follow the Editor on Facebook and Twitter. Please do get in touch with your thoughts. We greatly covet the prayers of the people of God as we help one another. English Churchman

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Our Desperate Plight – Editorial for 6th Sept 2013 is HERE

English Churchman will, God willing, be at:

NEW* 2014 May 13th to 16th on the Church of England (Continuing) stand, a reformed witness to the Christian Resources Exhibition, Esher, Surrey. Come and visit us!

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Salisbury Conference 27th/28th Sept 2013, Emmanuel Church, Salisbury

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We’d be delighted to meet you!

Edition 7877 9th August & 16th August 2013 is available free HERE

Includes: Book review of Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry

Edition 7873 of 14th June 2013 is available free HERE

Features: Eight serious flaws in the Archbishop’s Speech, Protestant Reformation Society August Conference details, Graham Harrison obituary, Walsingham Witness report, Gospel light in 21st Century Hungary, Protest before Parliament, and usual features, letters, reviews and editorials.

Edition 7872 of 31st May 2013 is available HERE.

Edition 7871 of 17th May 2013

Features include: –

– Presbyterianism’s covert bullying of evangelicals.

Edition 7870 of 3rd May 2013 is the latest edition you will have missed if you are not subscribing to the English Churchman! We hope to eventually continue our archive of back issues for the public to use freely for study and research purposes but this is no substitute to a subscription to our paper edition.

Edition 7869

Edition 7868

Edition 7867

Edition 7866

Edition 7865 22nd February 2013 – includes articles on the following:

  • Parliament Defies God – Rev Et Kirkland examines the redefinition of marriage proposal.
  • Protestant responses to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
  • Human Rights political correctness through foreign aid.
  • The Purpose of our Walk – the Battle for Souls – by Dr Peter Masters.

Edition 7864 8th February 2013 click HERE

  • 1.Steve Chalke heresy carefully scrutinised by Rev ET Kirkland
  • 2. Dr Peter Masters – extracts from his new book “The Personal Spiritual Life” – This is the best exposition we have read describing a far more excellent way than the so called charismatic ways of experiencing God.
  • 3. JB Shucksmith – Predestination in the 39 Articles of Religion (conclusion)
  • 4. Report of Church of England (Continuing) outreach to the Christian Resources Exhibition in Bristol.
  • 5. Evangelical Theological Society Resembles Car Wreck
  • 6. The Tragic Declension of WEST Theological Seminary
  • Much more too . . . but you will need to subscribe !

Edition 7863 25th January 2013

  • Refo500 Ecumenical Confusion
  • David Skinner writes In Memory of Harry Hammond – Martyred in Bournemouth in 2001
  • Is There Any Power in Anglican Evangelicals?
  • Decline & Revival of Your Christian Life – Part 12
  • Lance Armstrong – lessons to be learned – by Shoebat Foundation
  • The 39 Articles – series by Rt Rev JB Shucksmith continues in Article 17 On Predestination
  • What the Euro Cross Cases say about British Righteousness and Sovereignty

Edition 7862 11th January 2013

  • Magna Carta 800 Year plans
  • Immoral Clergy May be Bishops
  • Decline & Revival of your Christian Life part 11.
  • Lessons from 19th Century – Bishops resist The Oxford Tract Heresy
  • Rome’s Sham Year of Faith – by Richard Bennett
  • Christianity at risk in Middle East
  • Book Reviews, Editorial etc


Special Online preview Edition 7861 for 28th December 2012 click HERE

  • Marriage Proposals as Absurd as Marriage of Two Plastic Ducks
  • Westminster Conference – The Big Thaw
  • Spurgeon’s Unlikely Ladies
  • Decline & Revival of Spiritual Life – part 10 – The Fruitless and Fruitful Professor
  • Preaching Creation in the Open Air – Part 2 – by David Carson

Special Online preview Edition 7861 for 28th December 2012 click HERE

N.B. After this you will need to subscribe to the paper edition for 2013 as we will not be updating this webpage for some time! Alternatively, if you are not prepared to part with £19, why not go to your local newsagent and order English Churchman from there to collect each fortnight for the cover price of only 40p.

Click HERE for 14th December 2012 Edition 7860

Features: Pastor David Carson on Preaching Creation in the Open Air

Homosexual Marriage Debate

Wessex Jubilee Bible Distribution Report

Decline & Revival of Spiritual Life – Part 9 – On Grieving The Spirit


The troubles regarding women bishops in the Church of England have merely drawn attention to what was already plain to any true Christian – it is a church that has gone off the rails. Click HERE for full edition.


As the end of 2012 approaches and there is much ado in the Church of England we have updated the free Archive Pages so that all recent editions are available including the current edition. This will not be kept up to date in 2013 so now is a good time to have a look through some recent editions and consider a subscription to the paper copy for 2013 which we hope to continue to send out every two weeks.


While the news that the Church of England has been stopped from consecrating Women Bishops is good news, it comes from a church that is already in a terrible state. There are many implications that have not been addressed in the puerile feminist secular media, some of which will be explored, God willing, in the next edition of English Churchman which is due out on Friday 30th November. It is an incredibly low price of £0.40 to order from your local newsagent NOW.

To become a subscriber please contact our Worthing office.https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B4vfwHL3_DOgdjFiX0luOVZENlU?tab=wo&sort=13&direction=a

11 Responses to “Welcome”

  • Stewart Thompson:

    A very good new look and so well arranged. The archive of past issues is a joy to explore.

    Very well done.

  • Hi,

    To-day, I attended the morning service at St.Mary’s Reading and met Bishop David Samuel. He still keep on stressing upon sins when we are no more slaves to sins but righteousness. Only anti-Christs talk about sins and want to drag people back to the old Brick Built houses made by human hands where a Priest is required to serve you or rather admonish you under the pretext of sins and the laws. Jesus gave his life as Lamb of God to establish us into our New Home, the Temple of God built not by human hands but by Nature.

    So, if your Bishop is Anti-Christ, then what about the rests, who cannot give the accounts of people to God?

    Any more Conferences or event coming up near Reading or overseas in Europe?

    • admin:

      Thank you Rajinder,
      “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8. The Apostle John was not the only apostle to talk much about sin. Just read Romans chapter 7. Yet it is not a human priest that takes away our sins, but rather the Lord Jesus Christ. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

      The conference of the Church of England (Continuing) is on Saturday 30th June at Benson, God willing.

      Rev Peter Ratcliff

  • Raymond Stewart:


    This website is excellent and useful for back issues of EC.

    Warm regards

    • admin:

      Thanks Raymond,

      The website does indeed consist mainly of back issues of English Churchman.

      While we appreciate encouragement and genuine inquiries on the website we are not like the secular press. Our guidelines for posting are completely different. For example, while we will of course not publish abusive comments etc, we certainly do not suffer from the phobia of phobias that is a guise for political correctness. Therefore we will not publish views that condone immorality or false religion.

      Rather we PREACH the TRUTH as it is in Jesus.

      We WARN against false teachers and false religions.

      Above all, we LOVE our enemies.

      Acts 20:29-31: “For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.”

      Romans 16:17,18: “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”

      Ephesians 5:11: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

      2 John 10,11: “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”

      Therefore just as all good churches “guard the pulpit” and only allow trusted men to preach, so we believe it is our solemn duty to ensure that neither the English Churchman printed nor this website is for the publication of open discussion. By all means we will attempt to answer questions as time allows but we generally do this through editions of the newspaper, but above all through preaching. We recommend that readers are part of a bible believing reformed church and do not use the internet as a kind of “virtual church”. Except in extreme cases, such is not God’s way. He has made us to get to know one another and that includes the observation of people “face to face” and explains why the Ephesians wept because they were to see Paul no more.

      Acts 20:36-38: “And when he had thus spoken, he kneeled down, and prayed with them all. And they all wept sore, and fell on Paul’s neck, and kissed him, Sorrowing most of all for the words which he spake, that they should see his face no more.”

  • Raymond Stewart:

    Good responses Peter to those within the House of Commons on the issue of women bishops.
    It is such a disgrace how they brand and identify the faithful few – we need a few Christians to
    raise their voices. Political Correctness matters nothing yet faithfulness to God’s word is the
    acid test. We face a mighty battle UK wide to preserve Marriage within the laws of our nation,
    oh that churches and indeed evangelicals would awaken from their slumber on such grave issues.

  • Billy Foley:

    Great paper standing for the Gospel and the Glory of God in Christ. Peter, keep up the good work. Billy

  • Hi, I thought you might like to freely use this on your website, or give to others or for yourself. It’s a free prayer book by Matthew Henry called ‘A Method for Prayer’ 1710 edition, with added devotional prayers, Bible helps and a glossary of 2400 words of the KJV. You can use the audio files for the book if you like. http://www.mrmatthewhenry.com

  • David Skinner:

    Dear Friends,
    I would urge you to take a moment to write to the Transport for London and complain at just how offensive you find the new Stonewall posters being displayed on buses and the underground. Below are my two letters giving just two of many possible reasons to feel offended. The email of TFL is: enquiries@tfl.gov.org
    LETTER 1.
    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I wish to object to two posters displayed by Transport for London: one says, ‘SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY. GET OVER IT!’ ; the other shows two people with a caption saying, ‘ONE IS GAY. IF THAT BOTHERS PEOPLE, OUR WORK CONTINUES’.
    I wish to take issue with the fact that you allow Stonewall, who exercise a disproportionate power and influence in our nation, to invade my public space and presumptuously take on the role of being the representative of all Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) people. This fancy rests on the belief that, in essence, all gays are the same as they are, but are inhibited from showing it because of our archaic’ moral values, traditions, social customs and institutions, which our Queen, Elizabeth 11, promised, on oath, to defend at her Coronation, but for which Stonewall have nothing but sneering contempt.
    Not all LGBTs, let alone the majority of people in Britain, endorse Stonewall’s views or activities. They speak only for themselves and not the wider community, whom they attempt to silence through fear, intimidation and offensive posters such as the two examples, referred to above.
    They perpetuate a false and dangerous stereotype with which not all LGBTs wish to be associated. One only has to attend any gay parade, whether it is London or Manchester Pride to realise that this outfit peddles a poisonous cocktail of sexual promiscuity and hatred of anyone who questions their radical views and behaviour. On a personal level these result in the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, mental breakdown, suicides and on a national level, with the destruction of marriage, the family, the economy the military and ultimately the nation.
    If the TFL are sincere in their championing equality and diversity they will allow posters expressing an alternative view to that of Stonewall, such as:
    If you do not allow this basic freedom of speech you will be supporting the right of an unelected outfit, whose first chief executive, lesbian, and IVF mother, Angela Mason, was a member of a Marxist, anarchist terrorist group, The Angry Brigade, to offend and feel offended for the slightest criticism,whilst giving the rest of population, including tourists visiting London, only the privilege of turning the other cheek and being trodden on.
    We are a tolerant nation but this tolerance works within limits. If people are pushed too far this creates smouldering resentment, division, instability and ultimately an anarchy that the TFL will have aided and abetted. We want equality and diversity for all.
    I am
    Yours sincerely

    LETTER 2.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I wish to object to two posters displayed by Transport for London: one says, ‘SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY. GET OVER IT!’ ; the other shows two people with a caption saying, ‘ONE IS GAY. IF THAT BOTHERS PEOPLE, OUR WORK CONTINUES’.
    I wish to take issue with the fact that you allow Stonewall to hide behind accusing anyone of homophobia, if they make the slightest criticism of homosexuality. Mere accusation might not be serious, but when such accusations have already resulted in decent people being publicly humiliated, fined, losing their occupations, businesses, jailed, physically attacked and threatened with prison, this does bother me.
    Some would argue that homosexuals have achieved more than equality within society. They have created a new kind of tyranny.
    Homosexuals are at the heart of government, the BBC, nearly every public service. They have Airlines and banks falling over themselves to celebrate their sexual activities in London and World Pride. The fact that Stonewall awards ceremonies at the V&A museum are bestrewn with the glitterati that includes actors, MPs, writers, sports personalities, dancers, pop musicians, theatre and film directors and TV presenters, demonstrate that gays are amongst the most privileged in society.
    But not even having the benefits, rights and status of marriage extended to them through civil partnerships, or having adopted and fostered children handed over into their tender keeping (whilst Christian foster parents and Catholic Adoption agencies are excluded from the adoption and fostering services) is enough.
    They will be only satisfied when anyone, who does not sign up to the Stonewall Equality Workplace index, is removed from the public space.
    In view of so many children who are in care having have been sexually abused by homosexuals, Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index list certainly bothers me.
    I am
    Yours sincerely

  • Read the Holy Bible – you know, the various parts in the Old Testament where homosexuality is described as (quote)… “an abomination”. Are we to take it that the teaching of the Holy Bible is now to be considered an act of `homophobia`? Because if so Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is going to be closing a lot of schools. The Holy Bible, the Holy Koran, The Talmud etc are the “guidebooks” for some of the great faiths ~ so are we to renounce their teachings Ms Morgan…? Or just the bits that are a little, err, `inconvenient` these days…? I think that Ms Morgan is hopelessly out of her depth here, although her intentions may be good.

    So homosexuality is now a “British value”?

    Gay “marriage” itself is dirtier water. It’s not what our physical anatomy was intended for, and this conclusion is the same whether you believe we were created by God or accidentally evolved. We should not normalize homosexuality any more than we should normalize obesity or alcoholism. Though they are not equal or the same, none are healthy lifestyles. No person has ANY right not given to him or her by the Creator. God made the family from the union of 1 man and 1 woman. No human can change God’s will. You may choose not to believe in The One True God, but no one will be exempt from the consequences of disobedience. His laws are for the good of all mankind. We were never meant to be demi gods ruling our lives by our own selfish desires. If it is same sex, it is not marriage. It is that simple. Whatever it is it is not marriage. As the saying would have been before schizophrenia ruled the land, “By definition marriage must include one man and one woman.” That is what makes marriage. The word was invented for the coupling of a man and a woman. It was not invented for any other kinds of couplings. Can it be made clearer?

    The Bible never actually refutes polygamy. The Bible says that it’s wrong for a man to put aside his wife for another. In polygamy, the man is not laying aside his wife, he’s welcoming another to join. That’s why righteous people in the Bible had multiple wives without being criticized by God or others.

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